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2023 Financial Planning & Analysis Software Report

While most organizations continue to work with spreadsheets, many FP&A software solutions have followed suit on the cloud. This report will fully analyze the top FP&A software, compare them to competitors, and show their strengths and weaknesses.

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A Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Product Comparison

The FP&A market has shifted from mature on-premises offerings to cloud solutions. Finance application leaders are seeking SaaS solutions to reduce application support costs, increase application flexibility, and shorten time to value. 

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A Guide to the Accounting Software Market

A long tail of accounting packages has emerged, spurred on by a huge shift in demand from desktop-based packages to cloud-based services which have largely been attributed to changing consumer expectations and regulation that has driven accounting and tax online. 

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Software Selection Guide

We know trying to find that perfect piece of software can be daunting, so we’re here to help. Or, more specifically, this guide is. And this guide isn’t just about how to make sure you get the right software for you. Oh no, it’s much more than that.


Because even if you do manage to find the software that is just right, there are still plenty of pitfalls you’ll need to avoid.

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