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2023 Financial Planning & Analysis Software Report

While most organizations continue to work with spreadsheets, many FP&A software solutions have followed suit on the cloud. This report will fully analyze the top FP&A software, compare them to competitors, and show their strengths and weaknesses.

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2021 Global Marketing Trends

As our world went through rapid changes, we recognized a need to dig deeper into the evolving milieu to better understand how consumers and executives are responding to their new environments.

With this in mind, two surveys were conducted to inform each of the 2021 Global Marketing Trends chapters.

1Management Reporting Expectations.jpg

Management Reporting Expectations

Today’s top managers are no longer satisfied with pure figures, they are looking for insights that enable them to drive performance. They expect Finance to play a key role in the delivery of these insights and become a true business partner that is able to provide transparency and early warning, so as to better contribute to decision-making and strategy execution.

1Just-in-time Marketing.jpg

Just-in-Time Marketing: Delivered as a Service

Just-in-time is about creating the right kind of marketing inventory at the right time to reach in-market consumers with less waste. Adding the as-a-Service component means that companies can tap immediately into marketing capabilities, enabling the marketing organization to focus on the objective, not the execution.

1Re-imagining Marketing Mckinsey.jpg

Re-Imagining Marketing - McKinsey & Company

COVID-19 has upended lives and livelihoods around the world. It has also upset the economic order and had a dramatic effect on consumer behavior, from how we work and communicate to how we shop and what we buy. For businesses, these changes are rewriting the rules for years to come and they represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for marketers to reset the gameboard.

110 Marketing Predictions for a New Decade.jpg

10 Marketing Predictions for a New Decade

Will buyers continue to crave more choice and personalization? Will technologies like AI and machine learning present new ways to market? Or will forward-looking businesses reinvent marketing in ways we haven’t even thought of yet?

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Unleashing the Power of Digital Marketing in Financial Services

The digital revolution is transforming financial services. Customers are more demanding, new competitors are threatening to disrupt the market, and switching from one financial services provider to another is becoming easier and more common.

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