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Uber Affirms Departure of Veteran CFO

Uber Affirms Departure of Veteran CFO

Uber has officially announced the departure of its long-serving Chief Financial Officer, Nelson Chai, who stepped down on January 5th next year. Chai's role in guiding the company through a successful initial public offering in 2018 was crucial, making his decision to step down notable. This decision came at a time when Uber was focused on expanding profitability.

Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber's CEO, expressed appreciation for Chai's significant contributions to the company's achievements. Khosrowshahi's sentiment was conveyed in a statement included in the announcement, where he duly acknowledged Chai's pivotal role in the company's successes and credited a significant portion of its achievements to Chai's dedicated efforts.

Uber CFO's Notable Impact

In the previous year, Chai received a comprehensive compensation package totaling $12.28 million. This package included a salary of $800,000, stock awards valued at $10.29 million, a non-equity incentive plan compensation of $1.174 million, and an additional $20,890 classified as miscellaneous compensation. These details were officially documented in the company's March filing for a proxy statement, submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission. In the year before that, Chai's total compensation amounted to $6.837 million, comprising a salary of $800,000, stock awards totaling $5.06 million, a non-equity incentive plan compensation of $960,000, and miscellaneous compensation noted at $11,427.

Turning back to 2018, Chai's appointment as CFO held particular significance for Uber. This decision was crucial as the CFO position had remained vacant since 2015, following the departure of Brent Callinicos, as reported in a 2018 article in The New York Times.

Uber also announced two significant accomplishments in its financial performance. For the second quarter ending on June 30, the ridesharing company unveiled its inaugural quarterly operating profit and, in addition, its first quarter surpassing $1 billion in free cash flow. As detailed in its earnings report, Uber disclosed that it achieved a free cash flow of $1.1 billion, along with a GAAP operating profit of $326 million.

Enhancing Financial Operations with Technology

Enhancing Financial Operations with Technology

In a rapidly evolving landscape, technological resources have adapted to meet the changing needs of consumers, enterprises, and service providers. Keeping pace with these advancements is crucial, especially in financial planning and analysis.

Here are key considerations when integrating technology:

  • Identifying Opportunities: CFOs can pinpoint areas for improvement through technological solutions, allowing teams to focus on analytical tasks.

  • Strategic Implementation: Embrace integrated accounting solutions to allocate resources efficiently and handle urgent tasks effectively.

  • Holistic Perspective: A CFO's role offers a high-level view, connecting financial aspects from cash flow to income statements.

  • Cost Evaluation: Evaluate costs to determine necessary technological upgrades that enhance overall efficiency.

  • Cloud Benefits: Cloud-based systems offer accessibility, scalability, and real-time updates for strategic financial planning.

  • Technology Integration: Novel technologies streamline tasks and provide real-time data for better financial analysis.

  • Balancing Human Expertise: While technology aids in analysis, human expertise remains essential for complex processes.

  • Preserving Human Touch: As a CFO, it's your responsibility to maintain a human touch within the finance department.

Achieving optimal productivity involves finding an equilibrium between technology and human expertise.

Guidelines for Monitoring CFOs

Consistent Refresh

Establish a mechanism to routinely refresh and authenticate the contact particulars of present CFOs. This might encompass their email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles.

Engage in Networking

Participate in industry gatherings, conferences, and workshops frequently attended by CFOs. Engaging in networking endeavors aids in forging relationships and remaining up-to-date with shifts in personnel.

Tips for CFOs to Stay Informed

News Notifications: Utilize resources like Google Alerts or dedicated news tracking services to establish news notifications for updates pertaining to CFO-related developments.

Leverage LinkedIn: Harness the potency of LinkedIn as a professional networking platform. Connect with CFOs, track their profiles, and become part of pertinent groups to remain well-informed.

Engage with Industry Associations: Enroll in associations specific to your industry's finance and accounting sector. These associations frequently furnish insights into significant shifts in personnel.

Corporate CFOs Great Resignation

The trend of changing CFOs that started in 2022 has persisted throughout the first half of 2023, driven by challenges such as inflation, elevated interest rates, supply chain disruptions, and declining consumer demand. These economic strains have prompted numerous companies to restructure and make leadership adjustments, affecting even the role of the CFO.

Below are some of the notable resignations of CFOs this year and then for the coming fiscal year:

  • After a tenure of four years and six months, Tesla's Chief Financial Officer and "Master of Coin," Zachary Kirkhorn, has stepped down from his role.

  • Italian luxury conglomerate Salvatore Ferragamo (SFER.MI) has announced the resignation of its Chief Financial Officer, Alessandro Corsi, effective September 30, as he embarks on "a new professional endeavor."In 2024, Steve Kaminsky will retire as CFO at Instructure.

  • Vanessa Hudsonas, Qantas' CFO, becomes the first woman CEO of the century-old airline, with a new CFO announcement expected soon.

  • United Airlines CFO Gerald Laderman plans retirement in 2024 after 35 years with the company.

  • Wise's current CFO, Matt Briers, steps down in 2024 for recovery from a cycling accident, prompting an immediate search for a new CFO.

  • Vodafone promotes CFO Margherita Della Valle to CEO and will fill the CFO role through an executive search.

  • Jon Mortimore, CFO of Dr. Martens, retires.

  • Bath & Body Works CFO left with an executive search for a successor in progress.

  • PayPal CFO Blake Jorgensen resigns, with a search ongoing while Gabrielle Rabinovitch serves as interim CFO.


CFO turnover has risen for several reasons. One of these is the alteration of corporate structure, often seen during M&A, companies going public, or transitions from founder-led to different ownership, which typically entail broader management changes. Additionally, the transformation of the CFO role itself has played a significant role. The Great Resignation phenomenon has also contributed, setting off a cascade effect. CFOs, similar to numerous other corporate staff, faced heightened demand in a competitive job market and possibly felt disengaged while managing substantial workloads and pressure.

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