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How Fractional CFOs are Increasing Their Value & Taking on New Customers

Fractional CFOs (FCFOs) have become an increasingly popular CFO solution over the past few years. 

However, with a recession looming, many Fractional CFOs are worried that they will lose their customers due to budget cuts.

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Effective Financial Reporting

When we say effective financial reporting, we think of enhanced quality of relevant disclosures required by accounting standards, whereby important and sufficient information is concisely and clearly conveyed. The goal is to support decision-making by those providing resources to the company.

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Business Agility in Finance: The missing link

How FP&A organizations can maximize impact by adopting new ways of working?

Business leaders today must excel in operational agility to be able to predict and respond to changing market conditions and potential future threats and opportunities.

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CFO Reimagined: From Bottom Line to Front Line

CFOs have stepped out from the confines of their role. Exploiting data and creating value, they can now serve as innovators and disruptors in their business.

​This research brings together the latest primary research on the finance function. 

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Technology Trends in 2021

Deloitte Insights has brought out their new and latest report on the Tech Trends 2021 has to offer. 

Trending the trends: With twelve years of research 

  • Engineered, Strategy

  • Core Revival

  • Supply Unchained 

  • and more

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Why Trade Finance Matters— Especially Now

Both global and local financial systems have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, putting further pressure on trade finance. In the same way that trade supply and demand has been affected, trade finance has suffered, increasing the trade finance gap in emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs) in particular. 

1Future of Finance_ The CFO agenda for a radically different tomorrow..jpg

Future of Finance: The CFO agenda for a radically different tomorrow.

Finance is on the cusp of a technology explosion that will change its world and CFOs better get ready.

Leading CFOs are starting to reimagine their workforce,
capabilities, and overall operating model.

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500 most valuable and strongest global brands

What is the purpose of a strong brand: to attract customers, to build loyalty, to motivate staff?


All true, but for a commercial brand at least, the first answer must always be ‘to make money'.

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The most influential people in accounting right now

Many of the Top 100 Most Influential People were predicting disruption in the accounting profession long before the events of 2020 accelerated the upheaval.

Now that change has come, the leaders  have become even more essential visionaries in their areas of expertise within the profession.

Delivering Sustainable Finance

As the focus of government and businesses moves from the initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic, through resilience concerns, to recovery and the new reality, financial services regulators are also expected to move into a new phase of adjustment and support.

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Financial Stability Report

A stable financial system, when hit by adverse events, or “shocks,” continues to meet the demands of households and businesses for financial services, such as credit providers and payment services. In contrast, in an unstable system, these same shocks are likely to have much larger effects, disrupting the flow of credit and leading to declines in employment and economic activity.

1COVID Impacts on Financial Risk Management.jpg

COVID Impacts on Financial Risk Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has enveloped the world within weeks and continues to put a severe strain on people and businesses.

The banking industry, in particular, is impacted by volatile market conditions, deteriorating credit quality, and business continuity challenges among other things.

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